This is an early preview of the upcoming Super CLASH Bros. It's still unfinished and a bit glitchy, but it's very playable and fun with a group of friends. It's a party game which answers the age-old question, what if the characters in Smash Bros were kept accurate to their original games?

Some notes:

  • Only local multiplayer for now. I might add online play soon, and maybe a solo/co-op mode too if there's enough interest in this.
  • The downloadable version has better gamepad support and performance. 
  • The default controls are setup so you can play by yourself with a character to each hand. You can change them through the Control Mapper button in the lobby or by pressing escape key or pause key. You should play with a gamepad though, just about every gamepad is supported in the downloadable  version.
  • If you look at all the actions there in the Control Mapper menu you can see what abilities are available to you. Not all characters have all those actions. I'll upload a video guide to our youtube channel soon.
  • Bowser is especially unfinished, he can't get items right now and he can't do his shell spin that I showed off in my previous video. I'll add more items/abilities for the other characters too.
  • Mario/Luigi can get  Yoshi via the item bubbles under certain conditions. Yoshi can't eat Bowser. Yoshi tends to cause funny glitches.
  • Slopes aren't working perfectly yet. And Mario bros can don't have their wall-run animation yet.
  • When you die you come back as a ghost. They're not tracked yet by the camera zoomer/positioner, so you won't be able to see the ghosts if they're too far away. 

That's all for now, let me know any feedback you have. You can follow progress at

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Holy shit Jeremy this is amazing definitely worth the wait despite the glitches here and there its still really fun to play.

Theres a few things that could be improved tho.

Sonic doesn't exactly work on slopes 

Luigi needs a few alt sprites other than his smb3 all-stars sprites thats a minor thing so I wouldn't really worry about that just yet. (small problem here if both mario and luigi are being played at the same time and they both have a fire flower they will look exactly the same if they are using smb.1 style sprites) (also on this topic sonic would be pretty cool with his sprites from mania and megman could use his sprites from mm7)

It would be cool if Mario and Luigi had their spin jump form mario world.

There are a few pretty low quality sound effects for example the win song for megaman.

So overall some pretty minor stuff if you wanted help ripping some sprites and or music im up for it so hit me up :P (preferably on discord cus i rarely look through my emails) im pretty sure i have a NSF fle of all the music from MM2 so i can get ya a high quality version of that using good old famitracker.


Discord: bigdaddy2#3186 (Yes you already have me added)


Thanks buddy! 

  • yep I still need to work on the slopes. Actually that particular area where Sonic is stuck I can do a quick duct tape fix for that for the next update I think
  • I'll be using some custom Luigi SMB1 sprites with green/white fire suit and a taller/thinner head. I'll add Sonic Mania sprites too. Maybe MM7 Megaman, he'd be a different character though with a different weapon set. I've already started on Megaman X too.
  • all versions of Mario bros do actually have their spin jump, it's Action 3 (B on Xbox controller), and it beats out Sonic's spin attack jump.
  • Oh thanks, yeah if you could get me a better version of that song that'd be great. It's the Get Weapon track from Megaman 3.